Eco-friendly Oaktree

At Oaktree we know that the world’s resources are not infinite. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we aim to make our accountancy practice as eco-friendly as possible. As a small business, we can flourish in our local community. Unfortunately, for many individuals, families and communities across the world this is simply not the case for everyone.

Environmental Awareness

As an accountancy firm, we know that we could not run the business without having some impact on the environment. However, through being more mindful about our purchasing choices and engaging our team we can take strategic steps to reduce this impact by as much as possible. We have highlighted four main areas that we believe we can target to make a global impact.

Our sustainable work practices include casual dress code requiring no air conditioning for our staff and mindfully printing documents that are only essential or required. We use digital accounting such as cloud based software and electronic storage of files and documents. This reduces the amount of paperwork required to manage our clients accounts and books.
We have tried to ensure our offices are as environmentally friendly as possible this includes the use of eco cleaning supplies, recycled non-toxic stationary, office plants, a water cooler with re-usable cups and accessible recycling bins.

Our staff have also embraced travelling green encouraging staff to commute by foot or bike if possible, Car pooling for team training sessions along with suggesting clients meet via video conferencing. 

Oaktree Accounts is committed to running an environmentally friendly accountancy practice. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve our environmental awareness please get in touch.

B1G1 - Our Giving Impact

At Oaktree Accountants Ltd we believe in sharing our good fortune. We are privileged to be based in a developed country with access to clean drinking water, advanced health care, an abundance of food and exceptional education for our children. As a small business, we can flourish in our local community. Unfortunately, for many individuals, families and communities across the world this is simply not the case. Basic amenities, such as clean drinking water, food on the table, standard healthcare and an education are not readily available and are often sacrificed.
That’s why we are part of the B1G1 global social enterprise. Founded in 2007, this non-profit organisation questions ‘What would be possible if we all gave back just by doing the things, we do every day?’ Small businesses can create sustainable giving impacts for chosen business transactions which builds up into sustainable giving impacts within established projects.
All B1G1 projects are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals which demands a global partnership to improve health and education, reduce inequality, promote economic growth, preserve oceans and forest and battle climate change. Over 2,300 businesses are involved in B1G1 and have contributed to over 177 million impacts!
If you decide to work with Oaktree Accountants Ltd, we will contribute on the behalf of your business. Our giving impacts focus on: The protection of animals in India, The development of the community and businesses in Malawi, Access to Life-saving water in Ethiopia and Restoring the environment in Kenya.
Once we have made your donation Oaktree Accountants Ltd will give your company your very own gratitude letter highlighting your contribution to a world full of giving.
If you would like to find out more about how your business can join Oaktree Accountants Ltd in making a difference in the world you can read more on our B1G1 page here.