Cars – it’s all online

If you have access to the internet there are a bewildering number of online resources that you can access to help you manage recurring tasks. This week we have listed a number of these with links to the relevant website pages.

  1. Book a theory test –
  2. Get vehicle information from DVLA –
  3. Tell DVLA if you have sold, transferred or bought a vehicle –
  4. View or share your driving license information, useful when you hire a car –
  5. Check MOT status of a vehicle –
  6. Book your driving test –
  7. Check if a vehicle is taxed –
  8. Tax your vehicle –
  9. Check the MOT history of a vehicle –

Another tip for motorists unrelated to the above services is that many insurance companies have been offering discounts to drivers – who because of COVID-19 restrictions have limited mileage on the clock – obviously, the less you drive the lower the risk of claims. Worth a call to your broker or insurance company.

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