Eco-friendly Oaktree

At Oaktree we know that the world’s resources are not infinite. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we aim to make our accountancy practice as eco-friendly as possible.

As an accountancy firm, we know that we could not run the business without having some impact on the environment. However, through being more mindful about our purchasing choices and engaging our team we can take strategic steps to reduce this impact by as much as possible. We have highlighted four main areas that we believe we can target to make a global impact. Read on to find out how our team is helping protect the planet and it’s sources.



Sustainable work practices:

Casual dress code –

We operate a casual dress code for our team so in the hot summer months our accountants can stay cool without the

need of energy consuming air conditioning.

Mindful printing –

Sometimes accountants just have to print, there is no getting around it. However, when we do we ensure this is two

sided where possible and uses the ECOsmart setting to reduce ink consumption.



Digital accounting:

Cloud based software –

We work exclusively with clients who use Receipt Bank. Clients email their invoices to their Receipt Bank account for

integration with Xero instead of printing and bringing them in to the office.

Electronic storage and filing –

We have embraced the reduction in paper waste by digitally storing documents, rather than printing and filing.



Environmentally friendly offices:

Eco cleaning supplies –

We have invested in the use of non-toxic cleaning supplies to reduce our harmful chemical waste.

Recycled and non-toxic stationary –

We embrace the use of non-toxic highlighters, recycled paper and environmentally friendly pens.

Office plants –

Our team enjoy our many desk plants to improve air quality and incorporate nature into our office.

Water cooler with re-usable cups –

Hydration is key in any office but not at the expense of plastic single-use bottles. We installed a water

cooler to keep the team hydrated whilst reducing our plastic waste.

Accessible recycle bins –

We encourage our team to recycle as much as possible by ensuring there is a recycling bin in each room.



Green travel:

Commuting –

We urge our team to reduce car emissions by walking and cycling to work where possible. We provide a secure storage area for employee’s bicycles to ensure they are comfortable doing so.

Car pooling for team training –

We recommend team members scheduling their AAT exams together so they can car pool to reduce car emissions.

Video calls with clients –

We suggest clients make video calls if they have particularly long journeys to meet us. This reduces car emissions as well as time spent travelling.


Oaktree Accountants Ltd is committed to running an environmentally friendly accountancy practice. If you have any suggestions or want to discuss how we can improve our environmental awareness then please phone us on 01264 324103 or email at

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