Our App

The Oaktree Tax App, which can be downloaded free of charge on iPhone, iPad or Android, lets you calculate the tax on company cars, check Stamp Duty, browse tax tables, track your receipts with our receipt management tool, log your mileage with the GPS tracker, and set up notifications for yourself and other app users on important financial deadlines.

At Oaktree, we believe in using the latest technology to make accounting easier and more foolproof. We also believe in being proactive to help our clients manage their money, their admin and their lives as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible. Our app is a one-stop shop of accounting tools, information, links and alerts.

The ways our app can help you include:

  • Calculating tax on company cars
  • Checking stamp duty
  • Browsing tax tables
  • Tracking your receipts
  • Logging your mileage
  • Setting up notifications for yourself or others

Try it – we’ll sure you’ll enjoy all the benefits that the Oaktree Tax App can deliver.

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