Our contribution to World Population Day

Date: 12th August 2019

July was a busy month for Oaktree Accountants Ltd. Our team filed an impressive 74 Vat returns and 21 sets of accounts. To celebrate our teams extraordinary efforts, we welcome you to join us in supporting World Population Day through the empowerment of women in business.

World Population Day:

July 11th brought us World Population Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness of global population issues. Population issues range from matters such as family planning, gender equality and poverty to  environmental impacts and maternal and human right concerns. Did you know it took 100 years for the global population to increase from 1 billion to 2 billion people? This was a steady increase between 1804 and 1927. However, the population dramatically increased again by an astonishing 6 Billion before 2017. The global population now sits at a jaw dropping 8 billion (https://nationaltoday.com/world-population-day/).

What can we do?

The 5th Global goal is particularly important with the rise of the world population. This goal focuses on gender equality and female empowerment, allowing women and girls to source their own income and assert their position in their communities. According to the Global Goals, gender bias is not just a human right issue anymore. By denying women equal rights half of the population is denied the chance to live life to their fullest potential. As such, Oaktree Accountants Ltd are celebrating last month’s achievements through supporting vulnerable women create better futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

Empowering women to start their own business with ‘So they Can’:

‘So they Can’ is a non-profit organisation empowering over 16, 500 women, children and teachers through education so they can escape the ongoing poverty cycle. The women’s Empowerment Program equips women with the business skills and the micro-finance they desperately need to establish and maintain their own profitable business. By assisting in the start up of their company the women are given tools to change their own lives and also provide employment opportunities for their communities.

Provide bookkeeping skills for a woman with ‘MicroLoan Foundation Australia’:

‘MicroLoan Foundation Australia’ is a charity founded in Australia to raise funds to provide microloans to women in Central Africa. In particular they work to help the women establish, maintain and grow their business. This project provides a half day course to teach women bookkeeping skills to record transactions, enable them to support their family and contribute to their livelihood.


Oaktree Accountants Ltd is proud to of filed 74 Vats and 21 sets of accounts in July. We are sharing this fantastic achievement by donating one months support to empower women with their businesses skills and living standards. We are also donating one months bookkeeping and financial skills training to assist women in establishing their own business.




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