Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment is a scary subject for many employers. The obligations are multi-faceted and the deadlines are coming thick and fast. You already know that Auto Enrolment (AE), also known as Workplace Pensions, is a government initiative which comes with a number of mandatory obligations for employers. You may already have explored the details and identified the deadlines by which your company will need to take action.
But the obligations are quite arduous for many employers. Whatever your size of business, Auto Enrolment is something you have to consider and act to comply with. Oaktree has developed an Auto Enrolment service specifically to advise and support small and medium sized businesses in this matter.

We can reduce the administrative burden that Auto Enrolment places on you to an absolute minimum, simultaneously removing the worry of the subject by ensuring that you are compliant and have provisions in place in a timely fashion. Your obligations will include:

  • Choosing a pension scheme
  • Assessing your staff
  • Writing to employees
  • Dealing with opt-ins and opt-outs
  • Ensuring correct contributions paid on time
  • Completing a declaration of compliance
  • Keeping records of your AE activities
  • Reassessing employees every pay period