Corporate Tax & Planning

Corporation Tax is a major part of your business costs – and a major part of your financial administrative burden. The government likes to be sure that it is getting all of the money to which it is entitled! But this does not mean that you cannot take advantage of the opportunities to save tax when they arise. But it is complicated and you do need expert guidance.
Oaktree can provide the right level of Corporation Tax advice and support for your specific needs. We can assist you by completing your tax returns, including your end-of-year payroll returns. We can even act as intermediaries for you in the unlikely event of any dispute with the authorities.
Importantly, we can determine the most effective structure for your business to ensure that you take maximum advantage of any tax opportunities and reliefs. Quite simply, it is our job to make sure that you pay as little tax as you can. Our depth of experience in all sectors – many with their own tax idiosyncrasies – enables us to give you expert advice.