Supporting International Youth Day

Date: 7th September 2019

Oaktree Accountants Ltd had another busy month August. Our team filed an impressive 34 vat returns and submitted 17 sets of accounts. To celebrate our team's victory, we are showing our alliance with the future generation by supporting International Youth Day.

International Youth Day:

We currently have the largest youth population ever, with 1.8 billion people in the world between the ages of 10-24yrs. With the ever-increasing global population this may not be surprising, but what is surprising is that, despite being in education, over half of all young children and adolescents between the ages of 6-14yrs still lack basic reading and maths skills ( Through the 2019 International Youth Day theme of ‘Transforming Education’, more than 70 activities from 30 countries have written an open letter to world leaders, demanding that we prioritise young people and their development. You can read the open letter here.

How can we help?

International Youth Day 2019 is working to ‘Transform Education’ which is vital in achieving Goal 4 of the Global Goals. This goal focuses on Quality Education – Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Goal 4 promotes the belief that education is key to prosperity and provides countless opportunities to contribute to a progressive and healthy society. Oaktree Accountants Ltd is celebrating our team’s hard work in August by donating to empower young people.

Supporting a Youth Development Program with ‘Afrika Tikkun’:

Afrika Tikkun works with disadvantaged and impoverished people in South Africa. They work to make a positive and dramatic impact on youths through providing support that is essential to the well-being of any disadvantaged community. Those who use the services are given access to a community centre which provides basic computer training, knowledge and opportunities to gain employment and escape poverty. Oaktree Accountants Ltd is donating 2 months worth of access to this fantastic project.

Sending a child to Pre-school with ‘Save the children India’:

Save the Children India is non-profit organisation working towards the empowerment of the underprivileged women and children. The organisation focuses on health, vocational training and education. The project gives a less privileged child to attend a pre-school for the day. Oaktree Accountants Ltd is donating to allow a child to attend pre-school for two whole months.


Oaktree Accountants Ltd is celebrating submitting 17 sets of accounts in August and filing 34 vat returns. We are honoured to be able to share in our success by donating two months worth of support to young children through Afrika Tikkun’s youth development programme and allowing a child to attend a pre-school for two months.


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