Supporting World Oceans Day with Oaktree Accountants Ltd

Date: 2nd July 2019

In June, Oaktree Accountants Ltd filed 25 sets of accounts and 31 VAT returns. To celebrate our hard work, we are proudly donating a whole year's worth of clean drinking water and providing support to the construction of water infrastructure in Kenya.

World Oceans Day:

On June 8th 2019 we celebrated World Oceans Day. This day raises awareness to help protect and preserve the life of the world’s oceans. With the prevalence of single use plastic and rising global climate it perhaps has never been so important to conserve ocean life. Providing us with invaluable resources such as oxygen, food, medicine and climate regulation it is imperative that we are all involved in maintaining life below the water.

Number 14 of the Global Goals does just this. ‘Life below the water’ aims to ‘Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development’ ( Among others, goal 14 aims to reduce marine pollution, reduce ocean acidification,restore marine ecosystems and support small scale fishers. The oceans cover an astonishing 70% of our planet, but we have collectively caused enormous damage to them, which in turn damages our resources. One cause for concern is marine pollution as toxic chemicals in water can make their way to our drinking water causing fast spreading and fatal water borne diseases.

Clean drinking water for a year with ‘So They Can’:

‘So They Can’ is a non-profit organisation founded in 2009 working to reduce the spread of water borne diseases. Large water storage tanks and plumbing are supplied to harvest clean drinkable rainwater. The project is made sustainable by providing training on hygiene and sanitation for the locals. This aims to reduce incidences of water-borne diseases that can in turn prevent children from attending school. Donations to this organisation are crucial to enhance the availability of clean and disease-free drinking water in Kenya.

Assisting in the construction of water infrastructure with ‘New Ways’:

‘New Ways’ focuses on enabling the long-term development of deprived areas, providing basic needs such as clean water, nutrition, health care and sustainable agriculture. Turkana, in Northwest Kenya, rarely sees rain and so locals often lack access to a constant water source. ‘New Ways’ are working to build earth dams which help retain what rainfall there is and work to provide an ongoing supply of water for both locals and livestock throughout the year, increasing the community’s sustainability.

Oaktree Accountants Ltd is celebrating filing 25 sets of accounts and 31 VAT returns in June. We are sharing this celebration by donating access to clean drinking water for an entire year with ‘So They Can’ and assisting in the construction of water infrastructure with ‘New Ways‘.


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